Apart from the bustling elegance of London, the UK also offers many places in which you can slow down the pace of life. Relaxing in a bar in a small town or chilling out on the green lawns of a university campus are both ways of enjoying the British experience. Making friends from other cultures and a studying in a diverse academic environment are experiences that will enrich your life journey.


British cuisine is not as well known as french and italian food, but there are still a number of famous dishes such as fish and chips. There are also some unique delis and coffee shops that are worth trying at least once during your time in the UK. Of course, the UK is one of the most globalized countries in the world, so it's quite easy to find food from your country in the local supermarkets.


The UK has a temperate maritime climate, so the temperature is not extreme as can be found in continental climates. However, because the latitude is much higher than it is in Taiwan, some people find the temperature very cold in winter. Summer in the UK is temperate. The sun is warm and the air is dry, so it's not as humid as it is Taiwan. You cannot resist spending time in the sunshine.


During your time in the UK, where you live will be a big part of your life and your social life. Choosing where to live is a big decision, because it will influence how much time you'll spend on commuting; further it is important to consider the functionality of your chosen place to live.


The UK is a modern, highly developed industrial country, so public transportation is well developed. Besides bringing convenience to the students, public transportation also brings discounts as well. Some students also choose to buy a bike locally as it makes commuting easier and can also be used as a hobby or to exlpore the local area.

Fun in the UK

The tourism industry is highly developed. Many information centers are located at main traffic nodes, and often provide simple maps or traffic and tourist information. They can also help you book accommodations; it's a tool that people can take advantage of.
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