Because the UK is an island, it is lucky enough to experience mild temperatures year round.

Britain's weather and climate is largely determined by its surrounding seas. While this means winters aren't too cold, it also means that the summers aren't hot either. Breaking it down geographically, the north of the UK is generally a few degrees cooler than the South. The West coast is often more humid and warmer than the rest of the island due to the effects of the loop current the UK receives from the Gulf of Mexico. It's not normal for the UK to record high temperatures during the summer, however on the off chance it does happen please note that few places will have air conditioning, so make sure you have one or two items of cool clothing.

In the winter however, the UK is a lot more equipped to deal with cold temperatures, with most places basting comprehensive indoor heating. In this case make sure you have enough layers for the outside, but be able to take off layers once inside where it's warm. Below is an infographic displaying the average temperatures for cities around the UK.

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