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The UK government has introduced a new points based visa system and in order to qualify for a student visa it is necessary for a student to have 40 points to obtain a visa. Visa rules are changed regularly so it is vital that you discuss this with your counselor to ensure no mistakes are made. Remember, if your visa is refused it can make it difficult to reapply again.

The points system looks very simple at first but, like so many things in life, the details can actually be quite tricky. If a student is issued with a CAS by a recognized educational institute the student will be expected to show the required documents as proof and by doing so can be awarded 30 points.

To be awarded a further 10 points you should submit a financial statement under your name. The statement will prove that you have sufficient funds to pay your first year tuition fees and living costs. The statement must confirm that you have held the required amount of money for at least one month (28 days) as cash. Share portfolios, securities, pension plans and other non-cash assets cannot be accepted as evidence. However, a loan in your name, or proof of a scholarship, can be accepted.

You should note the following listed points, and be sure to complete them as early as possible:
  • You should submit your passport information (original passport and a photocopy of the page from your passport with your name and photo) to your counsellor. This is because this information will be used in applying for your CAS and will appear in your CAS.
  • You will need to prepare a financial statement to prove that you have enough funds to pay for your first year course fees and living costs. You can use money held in your personal account, or an account held in the name of a parent or legal guardian, and which has been held continuously in the same account for at least one month (28 days). According to the latest information from United Kingdom Border Authority (UKBA) living costs for the London area are GBP1,265 per month. In areas outside London the monthly living expense is GBP1,015 (including accommodation).
    The money you use as financial evidence should be in cash. Share portfolios, securities, retirement plans and other non-cash assets will not be accepted as evidence. However, a loan in your name or proof of a scholarship can be accepted.
  • You should accept the offer from your final choice university as soon as possible.
    Universities request that students make this decision as soon as possible so that the university can issue the CAS in a timely way.

Very important: students should stay in contact with the counsellor at all times to prevent any problem with visa application.

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Minh at University of St Andrews

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