As one of the world’s most developed countries, the UK has a wealth of transport options available. Taxis are generally very expensive, therefore students tend to opt for public transport. Convenient and often discounted for students, public transportation tends to be the least expensive option. Buying a bicycle is another popular choice for students, which despite the up-front cost is of course an even cheaper and healthier way to get around, not to mention that a lot of cities now offer bike paths for cyclists. Helmets are mandatory when cycling on roads and a sturdy lock is recommended to protect your bike from theft. For more information about transport in the UK please see more information and links about the UK's transport networks below.

Buses and Coaches

Buses and coaches are often the cheapest way to travel within or between cities, with a frequent schedule between the major urban centres. Coaches run by companies such as the National Express are recommended for travel between cities as they are cheaper than trains, and once you become familiar with the routes they are often easier as well.
Timetables and ticket prices are easy to find online, along with discount cards such as the Young Person Coach Card or the BritXplorer Card. To find out more, check out the National Express website.
National Express:


If looking to travel between cities, then the train is your answer. Quick and easy to use, the UK is the birthplace of the railways and has an extensive train network that will get you to practically anywhere you want. However, remember to book your ticket as soon as you can, as this can save you money. Ticket prices on the day of travel can often be very expensive. The websites below are useful for finding out train times and prices in the UK:
As with buses, the trains have their own discount cards. The 16-25 railcard is set up for students between 16 and 25 years of age, allowing them to take advantage of a 33% discount on off-peak tickets, that operate outside normal rush hours.
The card costs £26 a year;
For more information on applying with this websit


Budget airlines have been on the rise for a decade or more, and since their advent flying in and out of the UK has become a lot cheaper. It’s very common in the UK for many people who have a free weekend to jet off to Europe. We advise that you book your ticket in advance, or as soon as possible to take advantage of low prices, as they will rise the closer you get to your departure date.
The following are airline websites which you might want to check out:

London Underground

The quickest and often the most convenient way to travel around London is using the Tube, or the London Underground. Trains run a frequent timetable, and cover most of London. If you attend an institution in London, you would be well advised to buy yourself a Student Oyster Card, which will give you discounted prices at any time. However if you’re in London for a short period of time, spend some time trying to find other forms of discount, for example one day travel cards.

Please click on this website for more details:

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